KRYON IS CELEBRATING the summer season with the colourful palettes of Emin Özdemir & Fedde Nicolai

Posted on 30 May 2017




KRYON is celebrating the summer season

with its current exhibition of the wonderful colour
ensembles created by the unique craftsmen & artists
Emin Özdemir & Fedde Nicolai.



Currently living and working in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, Fedde Nicolai was born in 1966 in the beautiful region of Friesland.
Having spent the past two decades working as a fashion stylist, interior designer and art-director for an international retail company, Fedde decided in 2013 to make a bold career change to focus exclusively on painting .
The work Fedde produces now is big, refreshing and abstract. It’s very characteristic with large and coarse movement forms and intense explosions of color. His paintings are bold and intriguing. Inspired by his surroundings, Fedde sources stimuli from all that lives and moves: fashion, interior design, nature, culture, travelling and meeting people. Energy and vibrations also inspire his non-figurative work.



Emin Özdemir was born in Burdur in 1953. He studied Chemical Engineering at. Through his knowledge of engineering, he has developed a unique abstract technique; by observing the complex structure of nature, he has developed "Rotational Oscillation." In this technique, he employs concepts such as centrifugal forces, gravity, oscillations, viscosity, fluidity and other physical phenomena and their relationships with colours, to manipulate the effect of the finished artwork. In addition to applying his technique on canvas, plexi, aluminium with acrylic, oil, glass and metallic painting, he is also producing works on semi-transparent material with RGB LED lighting. Further, he produces light effects on layers of semi-transparent surfaces and combines it with his unique rotational technique to produce kinetic art works.

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