Adnan Bushnaq

Adnan Bushnaq (born 1989) is a multi-talented individual. His origins lie in Bosnia, but his family emigrated to the Middle East in the beginning of last century. Recently he made his way back to Europe to live with his Dutch girlfriend and find his place among the creative community in The Netherlands.
Adnan is a film maker and photographer who worked on a few major tv and film productions back in Jordan, where he was born. Only recently, after he moved to Holland and paid visits to the numerous museum collections, he discovered a new passion and another artistic medium - the painting.
In his first series of paintings presented at KRYON there is a specific story carried by each one of them. Since these works aim to reveal personal to the artist, but also universally existential themes, he finds it important to communicate through them his feelings about a variety of subjects in life, which influenced his upbringing. This unique process of coming back to oneself, while finding a new medium of expression and source of inspiration and developing new artistic skills, naturally brought up the artist into a new light to the public of KRYON and internationally.
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