Devrim Yalçın


Devrim Yalçın will be presenting his first personal exhibit  “MONGOLIA”  from October 21st through November 3rd at the Kryonamsterdam Gallery in Amsterdam.

The exhibit showcases Mongolia’s solitude with Devrim Yalcin’s interpretation through his camera lenses. Yalcin highlights the heartbreak and loneliness in black and white photos using the vast Gobi desert and the newly urbanized streets of Mongolia, sometimes with a misty atmosphere and sometimes with unexpected objects.

The exhibition consists of the photos Yalcin took on his 3714 km motorcycle trip when he crossed the country from North to South in 2014. Yalcin presents an ex-Communist, newly capitalist developing nation, Mongolia, its people and vast steppe with few trees and scarce water with a different perspective.


Devrim Yalçın was born in İstanbul, March 26, 1974. Although he attended Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts in 1992 he left in 1998 to start his career in photography. He began modeling while he was an assistant at Seretonin for Çagatay Karaçizmeli and Arhan Kayar. He also started a new career as a fashion photographer. His interest shifted to behind the scenes in 1998 and he became a director’s assistant in advertising. He took acting classes from Gretha Seacat in 2006. He was a Second Director on the 2009 film “Hırsız Var” (Robbery Alataurka). Following the loss of his mother Aysegul Devrim, a prominent veteran theater actress in 2009, he rejoined with his camera and since then successfully continues directing, acting and of course his first passion, photography.


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