Melissa Arras

 Melissa Arras (1994) vision tries to snapshot genuine moments with the truest possible interpretation of the life of a migrant in the euro zone. Being a memeber of a migrant family herself the artist tries to find her way around the feeling of "Belonging" in her works.
The movemens  of migrants in Europe due to wars and prosecutions has become her special interests; ordinary people in the search of safety, a roof above their heads, eager to start a new life; a journey passing by unknown places connecting  to new people with different cultures and backgrounds; days with ups & downs, connection and disconnection, being together and standing alone all at the same time, like normal life.

In her works "tangible abstraction" she captured the purpose of "Roof for Humanity" in the biennale of architecture in Venice.

 * All revenues of the photos will go to “Roof for Humanity”
to build more community spaces for people in need

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