Emin Özdemir

Emin Özdemir was born in Burdur in 1953. He studied chemical engineering at Gazi University (BA degree 1971-1976) and Uludag University (MA degree). In 2012 he received training in painting. 2015 marked his first solo exhibition "rotational oscilliation" at Nişart Gallery.
Özdemir has been working in his own studio and focusing on his practice as a painter since 2012. Thanks to his engineering career he has developed a unique abstract painting technique. Through careful observation the complex structure of natural processes he has developed his magnificent "rotational oscilliation" series, characterized by centrifugal forces, gravity, oscilliations, viscosity, fluidity and other physical phenomena and their relationship with colours. While applying his technique on canvas, plexiglas, aluminium with acrylic, oil, glass and metal, he is also producing works, based on light effects and movement. The diverse semi-transparent materials with LED colour lighting in combination with unique rotational technique, give these series the uniqueness of his “kinetic artworks”.

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