Yasemin Sözer

"Wonderland" by Yasemin Sözer

She showed her work in many solo exhibitions and has been a part of numerous group shows. Her paintings were placed in various venues hosting private and state collections in Turkey and other countries. Currently she continues focusing on her artworks in her own studio in Holland since 2006 and she has been a member of "Unesco - AIAP İnternational Association of Art – UPSD" and Nederland Kunstinzicht.

"I avoid making any design or sketching prior to my works of art. This is because to hinder to do paintings dependent upon anything that could be easily explained. In addition to this, I prefer listening music while doing my paintings and try to avoid working in a place in where noise and images could affect me negatively. According to me, prior to each painting, there should not be anything that I could get any sense of it on a meaningless spot on the canvas so that I can reach my subconscious.

The spot that arouse my imagination and subconscious and does not have any meaning at the beginning or by following a figure and working with internal sudden decisions make me more enthusiastic. To be honest, I believe that the tripling of colour, spot and the structure composing the main dynamic of my works is nourished by this flame of enthusiasm.

Uncertainty, decoding messages of my subconscious, transforming them to the plastic meaning and the internal difficulty or excitement which I feel during this transformation are consuming passion with me."

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