Richard Arthur presents "The Eyes Of Medusa" at KRYON



















Enter the glowing realms of the art of Richard Arthur.
This vibrant Los Angeles based artist is visiting us
for the summer to present a new, site-specific mural for Kryon gallery.

With gripping imagery of the historical and cultural heritage of the recent past and ancient times, the fluorescent flavours presented in this exhibit take the viewer on a journey into the high aesthetics of classic art, while simultaneously referencing the meaninglessness of the modern pop culture.   
Much of the inspiration in the work is derived from the contrast Arthur experiences painting in the streets of LA, bearing witness to extreme wealth and abject poverty, which co-exist in such close proximity, resulting in a kaleidoscopic landscape of maddening and beautiful chaos.
Richard Arthur refers to this inherently ‘LA’ aesthetic as “the electric filth”. Artwork created under such conditions often employs a kind of disposable reverence, displaying at times powerful image of the Hollywood glitter & highlife and on other occasions being at first glance just an empty, meaningless, pop culture item, which conveys no message in particular. Still his work is making significantly beautiful the otherwise obsolete walls situated in the decrepit environment of the urban landscape.   
It is through the acknowledgement of such contrasts that Arthur has been inspired to contstruct its own style from seemingly disparate stylistic elements, fusing the mechanical and unsentimental modalities of American artists such as Andy Warhol or Frank Stella with the ancient high-precision of Italian sculptors like Bernini or Michelangelo.
The work is an arresting display of an amalgam of symbolics and emotions engraved in our subconsciousness, a calm and cold recording from a strange and cynical era.




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